Dancing Pines Distillery - Loveland

Dancing Pines Distillery
1527 Taurus Court. #110
Loveland, CO 80537
970- 635-3426
Tasting Room Hours
Saturday 1pm - 8pm

Dominated by breweries, Northern Colorado was in need or something different. Dancing Pines distillery in Loveland proves spirits are on the rise.

Atmosphere:  Dancing Pines is among several warehouse buildings in an industrial park. The building doesn't  look like much but once inside it’s a bit cozier. The tasting room is small and rustic with several small tables and a bar off in the corner. When we arrived the place was packed with people waiting for the final tour of the evening. We grabbed a few drink specials and waited for the tour to begin.

 Tour : The tours begins in the opposite building from the tasting room. The tour guide, who is also one of the owners, gives us the story of how it all began and where the name came from (we will let you hear it from them). After the run-down of the distillery’s history, we are led into a back room over to the stills.  The large distillation room has several holding tanks for the “mash” to ferment.  Also two large stills, the first and most noticeable is a large hand hammered copper pot still made in Spain by a family who has been making stills for generations.  The other still is a more modern design that allows for a process called “reflux” that helps purify the alcohol.

The next room is full of barrels where the aging process occurs.  The guide informed us that the aging process for some of their liquors can take up to two years, depending on the flavor profile they are trying to reach.

The last stop is the bottling room which is lined with the big steel holding tanks. It seemed a little old school, but the bottling is all done by hand with a small bottling machine.  The bottles are then sealed by hand, labeled by hand and put aside for packaging.

The tour ends back at the tasting room where we ordered a few tasting trays which did not disappoint.

Spirits:  We tried both the LIQUEUR Tray  and the RUM Tray,  which included the following spirits:

  • CHAI LIQUEUR- Winner of a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and their most popular liquor. It has the perfect balance of flavors from whole leaf black tea and five spices.
  • BRULEE LIQUEUR -Made from caramelized cane sugars and sweet like the cooked candied topping of Creme Brûleé dessert. This one is the winner of a Silver Medal at the New York Wine & Spirits Competition.
  • CHERRY TART LIQUEUR -Made from tart pie cherries, sipping it is like a bite of cherry pie.
  • ESPRESSO LIQUEUR -Made with real espresso beans roasted by Cafe Richesse in Fort Collins Colorado. This one is for true coffee connoisseurs!

      RUM Tray
  • SPICED RUM – This rum is sweet with  hints of  nutmeg, vanilla bean and cinnamon  stick.
  •  BOURBON – With a 44% alcohol content this classic made from corn, rye and malted   barley is a tasty classic.
  •  CASK RUM – This rum is age to a perfect light molasses taste.
  •  RUM – Slowly fermented with sugar cane molasses, this is a classic rum.

The Buzz:  Distillery tours Saturdays at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm, live music on select Saturdays, merchandise for sale, tasting room.

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