Tony's Bar - Fort Collins

Tony's Bar 
224 S. College
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Monday-Friday:   11:00 am to 2:00 am
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am to 2:00 am

Tony’s Bar is still a dive but was due for a re-evaluation since they have made some changes -for the better.  This is usually the spot we start at on a night out because of its south- side- of -old -town location and the cheap drinks. There is much people watching to be had here. You may see anything from stumbling old locals ogling stumbling young girls to frat guys being thrown out by security for being unruly. Do go with a group of friends.  Don’t go alone looking to make friends.

Atmosphere:  Now when entering the bar downstairs the aroma of urine and vomit are no more. It is still dark inside, but the floor is no longer dirty and speckled with old gum. It appears the floors have been resurfaced and replaced with hard wood. There seems to always be music blasting from the touch-tunes jukebox and the downstairs bar is usually lined with unsavory older men. If you make it to the upstairs bar, it’s a little more uplifting. The rooftop patio bar is covered and well heated.  It has ample seating around the bar and plenty of high top tables where the smokers tend to congregate. By day the bar is populated with the older crowd mentioned above.  At night there seems to be an unstable mix of some of Fort Collins shiftier residents and the lower end of the fraternity gene pool. Regardless, it's always a good time.

Service:  The service is average and you’re ordering will done at the bars, unless seated at one of the high top tables on the patio. 

Drinks:  You will find an average selection of beers on tap with your local breweries, featured in front of a few imports and domestics. They now tout having the coldest beer in town thanks to the ice taps beer is poured from. They did also add a new selection of wines displayed nicely in small wine barrels behind the bar.   The upstairs bar has a slushy machine on hand that is a dangerous concoction of vodka and Monster energy drink.  The bar staff always has a tasty shot in the repertoire that they are more then happy to shoot with you.  Do your self a favor and stay away from “The Jimmy Shot”.  Named after the charismatic owner, it’s an awful combination of vodka and diet coke. The flatness and flavor does not do “Jimmy” any justice. 

Food:  Apparently there is a menu but we have yet to dare try it. We did see a platter of fried food being delivered that actually looked edible and over heard people raving about the fried mushrooms.

Amenities:  Touch tunes jukebox, large covered patio upstairs, pool tables, shuffle board, TV’s, dart boards, bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs, skee ball games.

Parking:  You will have to find a place to park somewhere on the street. There is a parking lot behind Tony’s but you will have to walk around to the front to get in.

The Buzz:  Daily food specials,$2 anything on tap 8 p.m. to midnight on Wednesdays, bean bag toss on Tuesdays,  Happy Hour from 3 to 7 pm M-F.
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  1. TONYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...the good the bad and the ugly!! Love it.

  2. whoever wrote this sounds like a little bitch.. best stick to the "bars" found at the chain restaurants. lol