West End Pub - Fort Collins

West End Pub
1119 W Drake Rd
 Fort Collins, CO 80526
(970) 377-0039
Monday – Sunday 11 am to close

We were lucky enough to stumble upon this place one night while out with friends. This is the perfect place to just chill out, have a beer and play darts or pool while listening to the jukebox.  The patrons posted up where of a mixed variety and all very friendly. 

Atmosphere:  This place is everything you expect from a typical dive bar , yet very clean. It is set up in a strip mall and has a store front entry. Once inside the long bar is on the northern wall with the south side of the bar is filled with pool tables, video game machines and darts. There are recliner couches along the front of the bar, directly under the windows and also towards the back, for those who want to lounge around. There is a jukebox on the back wall that played a lot of country music but offered some rock classics. There is ample seating at the bar and the few high top tables throughout the place.The crowd was very diverse with a few college guys, couples and old guys watching the TV;s around the bar and playing pool. The walls and ceilings are painted in dark colors and decorated with typical beer signs and plaques.

Service:  We only noticed one person working behind the bar and she seemed to have it covered. She was friendly, engaging and knew her liquor.

Drinks:  West End Pub has an average selection of domestics and craft beers.  There is a dry erase board behind the bar listing specials mostly some shots and concoctions we had never heard of, although they sounded good.  We didn't try any of the specialty shots because the bottle of Black Velvet behind the bar was just too enticing and comical. we had to keep it real and toss one back only to then see the bottle of Yukon Jack.  The bar is stocked with  all the usual liquors nothing super high end. 

Food:  There is a small selection of typical bar food here. There did not appear to be menus so we had to ask , but they do carry items such as poppers, burgers, pizza, fries and a few other less healthy options that go perfectly with your beer.

Amenities:  Jukebox , cork dart boards, electronic dart boards, Pool table, HD TV’s, pinball machine, video game machines, mega touch machine, ATM, skeeball, recliners.

Parking:  There is ample parking in the lot where the bar is located.

The Buzz:  Live music on Friday and Saturday  nights, dart tournaments, Wednesday night karaoke, daily drink specials , Monday through Friday Happy Hour .

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  1. Place is looking really nice and filled with the features. I believe a good crowd will make it work and sales can be increased just by arranging a good crowd. Finding good place is difficult, but making a new place known in the crowd is even more difficult. I don't know if the place is good enough because there are only pictures of empty place. Nice place though, can't wait to see it by my self.

  2. Love west end! No bro-chads from csu and solid bar tenders. You go there to drink without being bothered.

  3. Love west end! No bro-chads from csu and solid bar tenders. You go there to drink without being bothered.

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  6. Love the place as a local bar I can do my laundry right around the corner and enjoy some beer and shoot some pool