Scotty O’Brian’s Pub - Loveland

Scotty O’Brian’s Pub
237 E. 4th St. 
Loveland, CO 80537 
(970) 667-9388
Monday 1 pm to close
Tuesday – Sunday 11pm to close

 Wedged unassumingly on 4th street, in downtown Loveland is this little dive. We spotted it while in route to other locations and had to give it a try.  First impressions say a lot and for Scotty O’Brian’s, there really isn't much to say. 

Atmosphere:  On the outside this place appears to be the typical inviting dive with glowing beer signs. Once inside you will be taken back a decade with old tube TV’s and a stereo playing music from a poorly tuned radio. This dark and narrow bar is a no frills watering hole or maybe better put, watering hole - in -the - wall. There is a bar along one wall and high top tables along the other, leaving just enough space to walk through. The walls are adorned with beer signs and liquor paraphernalia, but nothing other than a shamrock in the front windows implies this is an Irish pub. There is a mirror back to the bar so we enjoyed our own reflections while having a few beers. This is the kind of place for drowning sorrows or intimate one on one time without the worry of being disturbed.

Service:  The service was good, having two people (presumably the owners) behind the bar and a handful of people to serve.

Drinks:  There are 4 beers on tap and nothing fancy. The bar is fully stocked and able to grant you your drinking wishes.  But don’t come looking for anything fancy here.  This is strictly a no nonsense type of drinking establishment.

Food:  No menu or food here unless you consider popcorn a meal. They do have frozen pizza they will heat up for you if you get really desperate.

Amenities:  Video bowling game, Mega touch, popcorn maker, 1 flat screen TV, old school TV’s music from a radio.

Parking:  Parking is available in downtown Loveland.

The Buzz:  Happy Hour Monday through Friday 4 to 6 pm.
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