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The Key of Joy
They call themselves “a dynamic rock duo” but we like to call them a local phenomenon. We were pleasantly surprised to find such talent in a Loveland hotel bar and even more surprised Monroe’s Lounge was packed with people, cheering on this husband and wife team. Lauren and Mason are The Key of Joy.

The Key of Joy delivered some familiar tunes such as “Man in the Mirror” by  Michael Jackson, with sort of a folk twist – with special attention being paid to the lyrics, adding a real personal touch, drawing  us in while the whole bar sang along with the chorus.  But heartfelt renditions and clever covers are just one dimension of this duo.  They also have a wonderful and catchy song writing ability that had us questioning if we had heard their originals before.

Lauren has a pleasant, flexible voice that delivers words with clarity and soulful rhythm. She also proved that she had talent in her hands, while she played guitar and piano in cadence, with Mason on drums. This two-some is definitely worth checking out and you can find their upcoming shows by clicking HERE.

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