Luscious Nectar Juice Lounge – Fort Collins

Luscious Nectar Juice Lounge
253 Linden Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 482-3786
Mon – Sun 11 am – 2 am
Ahhhh to be a kid again! It’s never that simple, but for us a trip to Luscious Nectar is pretty damn close. Actually, it’s better than close because we not only get to drink slushy style drinks, but they have alcohol in them! Plus this is a pretty cool spot to chill out in more ways than one.
Atmosphere: This place is as colorful as the drink selection. The walls are painted deep purple, bright purple, royal blue, and lime green with animated local art work displayed in bunches. The bar area is off towards the back left with plenty of seating around the bar as well as in high top tables. The opposite side is lined with black booths and black tables with soft pendant style lighting. The upstairs area is a dedicated dance floor complete with its own bar. There is a small patio out front with heat lamps and an awning. The crowd here was mostly younger groups and couples.

Service:  We had great service while sitting at the bar. We arrived with a group and none of us went empty handed. There were 3 guys working behind the bar that not only knew every flavor but helped make our drink choices easy by providing us samples.
Drinks:  There are so many variations of drinks you can choose from. There is an entire color- wheel- pie- chart in the center of the menu. This chart shows the color and flavor of a drink, but then there is an entire section of flavor infused liquors to add in. The base of most of the drinks starts with what they call a “lushie” which come in a variety of flavors and are displayed in there large dispensing machines.  So if your “lushie” style drink isn’t enough, you can add a shot of their homemade infused alcohols that come in a variety of  fruity, spicy, sweet or sour flavors. The lower half of drink menu also has a section of their recommended concoctions for the less creative. Drinks come in a short or tall glass or as they call it a single or double. We tried the mojito with a shot of cucumber gin, the root beer float, and the cherry poppin with a shot of skittles. YUM.

Food:  There is one menu with two sides. One side features food and fruit smoothies or the non-alcoholic sort. The food is mostly tapas, wraps, sandwiches and small organic pizzas but we did not eat during our visit. The other side of the menu is a cumbersome drink menu that can keep you busy for hours planning your lushie drink.
Amenities: Dance Floor, patio, free wi-fi, heat lamps, vegan friendly, HD TV’s.
Parking:  Parking available where you can find it downtown.
The Buzz: Daily happy hour from 3 pm to 7 pm, Tuesday night trivia, ladies night on Wednesdays, first Friday art showcase.
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  2. Excellent review! I can taste the drinks and food already! Must check this out next time I am in Ft Collins...

  3. This is a more positive review than Luscious deserves. The drinks taste like sugar-water, they are overpriced, the dance floor is small, and the music is terrible--technopop. There is always a line outside, and few patrons are over 30 (I'm 26).
    Good things about Luscious: 1. the "bomb pop." It's sweet, but tasty. 2. The dance floor is upstairs and out of the way of those who don't want to dance.