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Being a one man band no longer means a bass drum on the back with symbols strapped to the knees and Funkma$ter is proof of this. Armed with drums, keyboards, a guitar and a bass, Funkma$ter loops (builds sound layers) his sounds, during his performance, to create a multiple instrumented song – without the drama of band mates. We found him playing at Chiller’s in Loveland last weekend and, as always, were completely fascinated by his multi-tasking talents.
Funkma$ter’s song styles range from rock, reggae, hip hop to rap, and being in full control allows him to change the pace to get people dancing. On this night he kept them dancing by covering hard- hitting- bass tunes such as “Regulate” by Warren G and “Today Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube.
Chiller’s was packed with people, crowding the dance floor all while making constant song requests. Funkma$ter brought constant flow with his song selections, drawing the crowd in like a snake charmer, and before we knew it our heads were nodding to the beat. He did draw plenty of impressed on-lookers who were sober enough to wonder, how the hell is one guy is making so many sounds?
You can hear some of his music on his myspace page – or see a live performance on YouTube – .

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