DJ Nunez - Music

A young local Dj with nowhere to go but up has been getting people on the dance floor all over Fort Collins.  With the death of vinyl records and the rise of the digital media, DJ Nunez is on the front edge with his fresh mixes and video Dj-ing. With his turn tables and computer in hand , he brings more than music to his local gigs, he brings skills. We have seen him several times around downtown Fort Collins, and can tell this guy loves what he does and does it well. What we really like  is he plays songs everybody knows, mixed with some new stuff, without cramming it down your throat.

DJ Nunez mixes top 40 with rap, reggaeton, r&b and hip hop (new and old school) while incorporating the music videos, using a video software program. If people don’t want to dance to the music, they can at least watch it. Besides the music, he keeps the crowd going with his Mc-ing skills and taking song requests, which makes every one happy.

Dj Nunez knows how to beat-match, scratch, choose the right tracks, read the crowd and pack the dance floor in no time at all. You can find him Dj-ing at the Drunken Monkey and Octane weekly. You can check out his schedule and “mixtapes” at

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