Bondi Beach Bar - Fort Collins

Bondi Beach Bar
11 Old Town Square
Fort Collins, CO
Wednesday – Sunday 11 am to 2 am

We do not frequent Bondi Beach Bar, but have passed through when bar hopping in old town. It is usually too dark and crowded( or maybe we have drunk too much) by the time we stop here, to see this shipwreck for what it is. Our most recent visit happened during day light hours and we even tried the food. We were feeling very adventurous!

Atmosphere: We would like to say it’s just another beach themed bar with an Australian twist, but this one is particularly dirty.  The floor is hard wood and appears to be crumbling from wear and tear and the feeble attempts to mop it have only pushed all the sludge into the corners. Upon closer inspection, we noticed chewed gum stuck under tables and in visible crevices. There was a layer of dust above the booths and in the window sills as well as drink/food stains on the walls, seats, windows, ceiling, and everywhere else you looked. The décor is cheap and dirty fake plants and beach murals painted over the brick walls. The one redeeming quality in the décor is the hanging track lights made from long boards. This bar appeals to the college crowd during the evening hours but otherwise is scarce.

Service:  There was one guy on duty ,covering the bar and tables . Since this place is a ghost town prior to happy hour , he had plenty of time to fill the salt shakers in between kitchen runs. We are pretty sure we shocked him by coming in for a late lunch.  He acted as if we were the first customers he had ever served  food to.

Drinks: Bondi Beach Bar  has a fully stocked bar with your average selection but leaning more towards the fruity and flavored vodkas found in most night clubs.  There are a couple of micros and domestics on tap, but are served in plastic pints that look like they have seen better and cleaner days.

Food:  Not much of a menu by day, offering only a few burgers, sandwiches and salads. They do have a more extensive menu by night which includes entrée’s such as Asian BBQ Salmon, Skirt Steak and fish taco’s. We did try the Bondi burger and the Black and Blue Burger. They were actually good considering, but maybe our expectations had dropped after taking in the place. The food is not budget friendly and an average sized burger and fries will run you between 8 or 9 bucks.

Amenities:  Dance floor, patio, bottle service, HD TV’s, large patio.

Parking:  You will have to find parking in old town.

The Buzz:  Daily food specials, Daily happy hour from 3 to 7 pm.
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