Maya Cove – Fort Collin

2100 W. Drake Rd.
Fort Collins, Co 80526
Sunday – Thursday – 11am to 11pm
Friday & Saturday – 11am to Midnight

Expecting to see old guys in faded Hawaiian shirts, stuffed parrots and the sounds of “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, we braved our way into happy hour at Maya Cove. This themed bar definitely has a style all of its own.

Atmosphere:  It would be in-correct to call this another “beach themed” bar rather than the remnants of a beach party. Upon walking in our senses where overwhelmed with bright vinyl table clothes, dark painted walls and cheap palm tree decorations. The bar stools are random styles and mismatched and items like swim trunks, surf boards, bikinis and framed beach art  hang from the walls. Both the dining side and bar side had carpet and were divided by a horse shoe wall. The music selection was mostly The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Jimmy Buffet and other 70’s flashbacks which most likely appealed to the crowd sitting at the bar. This was clearly a locals kind of hang out.

Service:  We sat at the bar and the service was good. The owner was wandering around greeting customers in a friendly manner when we got there.

Drinks:  There are four beers on tap – one being Mardi Gras Bock and of course LandShark by Jimmy Buffet. Our mission that day however, was mai-tai’s and margaritas. The mai-tai was spot on. The margaritas were served in an old mason glass jar much like you would find at southern bbq places when ordering a glass of sweet tea. Strange glassware aside, the margaritas where quite good and with the splash of Landshark beer added, it helps take the edge off the sweet and sour. There was also a small but nice collection of tequilas and aged rums behind the bar.

 Food:  The menu displays Caribbean influenced meals like the Sweet Island Pork sandwich and the Caribbean Steak Tacos as well as salads, burgers and soups. We opted to try the nachos with chicken, listed on the appetizer menu, to play it safe. They were not the best or worst nachos we have ever had, but how hard is it to mess up nachos? Most of the appetizers are in the $8 to $11 dollar range and entrees are $10 to $18 which seems a bit pricey for this place.

Amenities:  Flat screen TV’s in bar, kids menu, Wi-Fi, patio.

Parking:  There is parking available in the lot surrounding Maya Cove

The Buzz:  Jimmy Buffet happy hour daily  from 3pm-6pm & 9pm-close, open mic night Sunday at 6 pm.

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